Wraps remover 20 pcs

Wraps remover 20 pcs


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Nails Reconstruction: here the details of this product

To easily remove enamel semi-permanent, so delicate,
protecting the skin from contact with the liquid.
Pack of 20 Pcs. Special Price 

News for those who use Semi-permanent Enamels . The Wraps Remover facilitate removal of  nail polish and ensure extreme protection and discretion towards the skin.In fact, avoid direct and permanent contact with the liquid. If you soak the Central cotton square with Strip-Off Remover to apply it only on the nail, then the rest of the finger will remain immune from contact!. Wrap our Wrap, close it as a package (see  the picture), and let it act 10 minutes et voila ... result: enamel is deleted without difficulty or waste of Your precious time! The residues will be gently removed with a wooden stick. Comfortable and very practical, since we have hands free during the removal process.  PACK of 20 PCS. (It is also available from 100 pieces) EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH PRICE!

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Wraps remover 20 pcs