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Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish remover: solvents for removing the gel or to remove the nail polish.

Solvents are professionals liquids to eliminate even the most tenacious nail polish .

Among the products of the professional nail sector also offers the feature category nail solvents  where you can choose the most suitable for the removal of gel or nail polish.

Several packs of several capacities, available in large size.
Among the solvents, you can choose the one without acetone, it is not aggressive on the nails with an excellent ability to remove nail polish and also useful for preparation of the nail before applying nail or the pure acetone solvent, ideal to completely remove the acryllic installation and also for cleaning acrylics brushes.

To make removing the varnish semi-permanent/Soak-off you can use the specific liquid called Strip-Off
The innovative Lint-Free Pads are really handy microfiber being drilled application of solvent will be free of burrs.

Choose your specific solvent requirements for removing the gel or to remove the nail polish! "