False nails are the best friends for fashion lovers!


Thanks to false nails you will be able to get perfect nails in each occasion. On our online store you could find all the supplies you need to have natural looking nails or fashion colored ones. First of all nail tips that you have to put over the natural nail with a little bit of glue. Another way to get artificial nails is fiberglass or uv gel.


Take a look to all our products:

  • Nail tips: they are a very cool fashion accessorize and you'll be able to have perfect and original nails in few minutes.
  • Nail forms: another tecnique to get fake nails, in this case you put the form on the fingernail, then apply acrylic or gel and remove the form.
  • Fiberglass: very easy and quick to make, fiberglass tecnique will permit to have perfect nails.
  • Acrylic nails: the most popular type of artifical nails.
  • Gel nails: they look more natural then acrylic nails, but they aren't so strong as them.