BlackStar Lampada

BlackStar Lampada

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Nails Reconstruction: here the details of this product

Imagine a lamp for nail reconstruction that allows you to cut the polymerization times by half. One whose bulbs don't need to be changed. Ever.

Today this is reality: its name is BlackStar Lamp! A small and compact lamp, that features new technologies: it's every nail technicians' best friend!

To have further information about the product you can call 0044 20 35 29 61 53 or write us at

The latest sensational news in the world of nail art it's the Lamp CCFL system (cold cathode curing).

Many more advantages compared to the classic UV lamps: first of all it polymerize every kind of gel

(Uv, Led) in just 30 seconds, just imagine the time savings!

It has 3 light sources, a spiral and a cathodic bar on each side,

that allow a perfect and homogeneous catalysis on all nails, including the thumbs.

You should also consider the economic savings, as there is no need to change bulbs,

this lamp has a duration of 13000 hours, this means that you can work more or less 6 hours per day for 6 consecutive years.

You should not understimate the lower power consumption either (only 14 watt).

Enailstore is pleased to present the BlackStar Lamp, with its new and space-like design, it's small,

comfortable and easy to clean thanks to the removable base, which also facilitates working on toenails.

Basically... it's the magic wand of Onychotechnique.


Drying time for Enailstore products*:

- Keep on base&top: 60 sec

- SoakOff: 30 sec

- Gel: 120 sec


*Drying times refer only to Enailstore products. If you're using gel or soakoff of different brands, you should ask the manufacturer for infos about the drying time.

Timer touch: 30 sec, 60 sec, 120 sec


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BlackStar Lampada