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Enailstore ti propone le migliori lampade uv per unghie in commercio, per risultati davvero sensazionali. Che tu sia un professionista del settore, o semplicemente una persona a cui piace curare le tue mani fai da te, le migliori lampade per la ricostruzione delle unghie professionali ai migliori prezzi sul mercato le trovi qui da noi. Scopri le nostre offerte!


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Uv Lamps and Bulbs

Uv lamps for perfect manicure and nail art


Professional tools are required in the field of nail reconstruction. Enailstore, thanks to its direct contact to the manufacturers, provides you professional machines at affordable prices. In order to ensure a high quality standard to our customer, Enailstore directly tests all the UV lamps before shipping them to the customers. The curing with UV gels occurs in splits of seconds, so that further processing of UV gels is possible directly after curing. UV curing is a relatively new technology which is becoming very popular in the field of Nail Art. Replace your standard bulb with a long-lasting replacement bulb. To replace the bulbs simply untwist the old one and twist the new one in. Bulbs for 36W Lamp and 36W Timer Plus Lamp, are available in two different models: standard, and digital.


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