1TOUCH Arancio 15

1TOUCH Arancio 15

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Nails Reconstruction: here the details of this product

Perfect hands with a single step, with the 1Touch SOAK OFF enamel semi-permanent with a single product.

Stretch out, polymerize and voila ... perfect nails for 3 weeks.

Color:  Orange.


The method to have perfect nails for 2/3 weeks it becomes even more amazing.

 The 1Touch soak off encloses a single basic product, color and sealer finish.

 Just apply the chosen color to the natural nail and you're done.

 It does not require aggressive filing the natural nail, but a slight opacification with buffer.

 No longer need to degrease using the cleaner.

 ll 1Touch gives a unique brilliance without releasing the dispersion layer.

 Easy removal in minutes with the special liquid remover.




Method of use:

-perform manicures gently pushing back the cuticle.

-slightly dull the nails with a buffer.

-if you want to apply the primer and allow to air dry (optional)

spread a thin-passed 1Touch Soak off.

-polymerized in UV lamp at 120 sec. or LED lamp in 30 seconds.

-apply a second coat of 1Touch Soak off.

-polymerized in UV lamp at 120 sec. or LED lamp in 30 seconds.



Removal method with immersion:

-Matte finishing nails with a buffer.

-Soak your nails in the remover soak off for about 15/20 min

-Using an orange stick completely remove the polish 1Touch.


Removal method with Wraps:

 -Sand slightly-fully the nail bed with a buffer.

 -Wet the pad Remover Wraps, with the appropriate solvent STRIPP OFF to remove the enamel 1Touch.

 -Place the pads on the Remover Wraps over the nail bed and close it completely to "package" around the finger.

 -Do this for all the fingers.

 -Wait for 10/15 minutes.

 -Pull the Wraps Remover with an orange stick and remove all residual traces of 1Touch.

 -Apply a glaze-like reinforcing or proceed again to apply the glaze 1Touch.



Beautiful nails in half the time with the new 1Touch Soak Off, signed EnailStore.

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